Just when I defend Amazon, I find out they now have a new proposal to pay authors only for the pages read. Of course this can only apply to ebooks. It gives readers the creepy assurance that someone knows your every reading move. Amazon has their eyes on you and your reading habits and they are constantly looking for ways to increase their market share and profitability. I can’t blame them. I would do the same, but I am an artist, and I want to be compensated for my art. Funny, but when you buy a hard copy of a book, you’ve bought it. It’sRead More →

I recently added my “two-cents” to a debate about Amazon and self-publishing. Most of the commenters seemed to believe that the proliferation of platforms that allow anyone to publish and call themselves an author is a bad thing. They were concerned that there were no filters out there to separate the good from the bad. They were concerned that anyone could publish and call themselves an author. They were concerned that there was too much “fluff” in the marketplace and that would devalue writing in general. Those arguments are legitimate, but selfishly perhaps, they don’t concern me. The consumer will decide what they will orRead More →