It is not uncommon for people to ignore the pledge as though it is irrelevant, a static noise in their techno-driven, virtual reality. Others take a more conscience approach to civil disobedience. During the nation’s anthem, Colin Kaepernick bends the knee, inspiring viral imitation. In the wake of a divisive presidential election: Supporters shout, “Make America Great Again.” The hopeful whisper, Wait and see.” Dissenters shout “Not My President.” Post inauguration, women in droves march on Washington and assemble around the nation to send a message of concern and solidarity to the 45th President of the USA.     Meanwhile the administration tweets their reality;Read More →

We spend so much time glorifying the past, talking about the good old days, wanting to be great again, but we have selective memory. This is but one of several disturbing videos I have viewed lately depicting man’s propensity for injustices and atrocities. Slavery, Colonialism, Standing Rock, Aleppo. We don’t seem to learn from our past, but rather keep repeating it, while deliberately and deftly removing the worst of it from the official record. If my writing is too stark, then it is a mirror of humanity, capable of love and hate, tenderness and violence, reason and irrationality. The story of us.Read More →

I was reminded this week why I wrote Sedahlia. More than a story, it is a call to examine our actions versus our beliefs. Do they line up? We are quick to look at others, but how often do we look at ourselves. As you read Sedahlia, ask some probing questions. It is easy to look back at history and think that was them, that was then, but if we are honest, we have our own issues, moral dilemmas and personal biases. Look at the past as a mirror to the present. What do you see?Read More →

I love to read and write historical fiction. I like looking back at a particular moment in time and wondering how people lived and why they did the things they did. Today I paused to look forward and wonder about those who one day will look back. Every day we live, we make new history. Someday our present will be someone else’s past. They will look back on our lives with curiosity, wondering how we ever managed to live without their modern conveniences, why we valued one thing over another, why we had this law or that law and not another, what formed our moralRead More →

Sedahlia Take a Look! From the stories she told, Nanny had done many things – picked cotton, worked as a domestic and custodian, even owned her own cafe – and she did it all with a joy for life, a sense of humor and a feisty spirit. On holidays, the doorbell would ring and our family gathering would be interrupted by the white children she took care of long before I was born. Now grown, they always came with hugs and presents. Her smile genuine, Nanny greeted them warmly and never uttered a disparaging word even after they were gone. I was jealous of this other family that claimedRead More →

Just when I defend Amazon, I find out they now have a new proposal to pay authors only for the pages read. Of course this can only apply to ebooks. It gives readers the creepy assurance that someone knows your every reading move. Amazon has their eyes on you and your reading habits and they are constantly looking for ways to increase their market share and profitability. I can’t blame them. I would do the same, but I am an artist, and I want to be compensated for my art. Funny, but when you buy a hard copy of a book, you’ve bought it. It’sRead More →

I recently added my “two-cents” to a debate about Amazon and self-publishing. Most of the commenters seemed to believe that the proliferation of platforms that allow anyone to publish and call themselves an author is a bad thing. They were concerned that there were no filters out there to separate the good from the bad. They were concerned that anyone could publish and call themselves an author. They were concerned that there was too much “fluff” in the marketplace and that would devalue writing in general. Those arguments are legitimate, but selfishly perhaps, they don’t concern me. The consumer will decide what they will orRead More →