I haven’t been active on this blog in over a year. A lot has transpired. I am trying to find my rhythm in the midst of change but I will write again. I was looking at my last post and in the middle of it is this random line that I am pretty sure I didn’t write. It was basically an odd, misplaced statement with a link to a product I don’t even endorse. I should monitor my web presence more often. Anyone reading that would question my motives. I am just about writing and reading. If I plug anything it will be about booksRead More →

I don’t know about you, but I am a bit of a turtle when it comes to the technology race. For a number of reasons, technology is advancing faster than I can or at least care to keep up. I love technology, but not the price. Needless to say, when Apple or Samsung advertise their latest, greatest gadget, I can’t see past the $$$$$. Why buy a 7, if your 6 is working just fine? Why buy a HDTV when your 30 year old antenna TV just keeps ticking along? I upgraded my flip only because I temporarily lost it. I upgraded my dumb “smart” phone, onlyRead More →

I love to read and write historical fiction. I like looking back at a particular moment in time and wondering how people lived and why they did the things they did. Today I paused to look forward and wonder about those who one day will look back. Every day we live, we make new history. Someday our present will be someone else’s past. They will look back on our lives with curiosity, wondering how we ever managed to live without their modern conveniences, why we valued one thing over another, why we had this law or that law and not another, what formed our moralRead More →

I left the land of freeways and sidewalks, reservoirs and bayous and entered a land of mountains and canyons, draws and washes. I traded flooded swollen rivers for dry streams that thirst for rain. Here the mountains have names and elevations as numerous and different as the people are sparse and eccentric. There are no sprawling subdivisions here, but signs that beckon the hardy, the adventurous, the solitary to buy a piece of this schizophrenic land, beautiful but harsh, its winters bitter, its summers boiling, its storms sudden and violent. And for a little while I walk its dusty trails, climb its mountains, drink inRead More →

The fourth and final installment is here. Check out my last article for Book Fun Magazine (for now). I must admit I enjoyed the challenge of writing a regular article. It’s a bit hard for this introvert to get personal and open up about myself, but I did it 4 months in a row. Enjoy! Eggnog and LaughterRead More →

Hitting My Stride Hitting My Stride is my third article for Book  Fun Magazine. The fourth and final installment will be out in December. November is nearly over, but it’s not too late to catch this latest installment. The turkey is done and I am thankful and just plain full. I hope you are having a restful holiday.Read More →

What would you do if your child announced that he or she was off on some grand adventure? Check out my article Wolf? WWoof? What? on page 172 of the October issue and see how I managed to keep my sanity and find peace of mind. This is my second article for BookFun Magazine. You can still read my article in the September issue. Look for additional articles in November and December.Read More →