Top Ten Reasons I’m Losing the Tech Race

Top Ten Reasons I’m Losing the Tech Race

turtle techieI don’t know about you, but I am a bit of a turtle when it comes to the technology race. For a number of reasons, technology is advancing faster than I can or at least care to keep up.

  1. I love technology, but not the price. Needless to say, when Apple or Samsung advertise their latest, greatest gadget, I can’t see past the $$$$$. Why buy a 7, if your 6 is working just fine? Why buy a HDTV when your 30 year old antenna TV just keeps ticking along?
  2. I upgraded my flip only because I temporarily lost it. I upgraded my dumb “smart” phone, only because it died. That’s the only reason I have a phone today with a bidirectional camera.
  3. Speaking of cameras, I’m not photogenic. I don’t take selfies, at least not ones I want to share.
  4. I am not partial to Apple so I don’t get caught up in all the hype. I love my iPad, but the calculator on the iPhone turns me off. (What kind of alien rates a cell phone by its calculator?) That being said, I’m Android all the way, and I really don’t care who made it.
  5. My black and white Kindle with the keyboard still works great. Unless and until it dies, there’ll be no Fire or Oasis or next generation Kindle for me.
  6. My iPad II is big and clunky compared to the newer models, but it still works and I know about 40% of what I need to know to work it.
  7. I can’t type with one thumb, let alone two, and auto correct or select or whatever it’s called keeps reading my mind incorrectly. I’m texting, fingers and thumbs, only in extreme circumstances.
  8. I just don’t trust the Cloud. There is no cloud. There is a place with a bank of hardware somewhere storing all my data. I’m backing up my backup in case the Cloud bursts or gets hacked.
  9. I really don’t talk on the phone much. Okay, not at all.
  10. I still prefer a great book, a quiet walk, or just basking in the sunlight, none of which requires a gadget.

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