Look Forward, Look Back

Look Forward, Look Back

Sedahlia Take a Look!

From the stories she told, Nanny had done many things – picked cotton, worked as a domestic and custodian, even owned her own cafe – and she did it all with a joy for life, a sense of humor and a feisty spirit. On holidays, the doorbell would ring and our family gathering would be interrupted by the white children she took care of long before I was born. Now grown, they always came with hugs and presents. Her smile genuine, Nanny greeted them warmly and never uttered a disparaging word even after they were gone. I was jealous of this other family that claimed my Nanny for even a few minutes of time.

I wondered then at a world artificially segmented like the color block fashions so popular today. I wondered if lines were crossed and emotions were felt because at the end of the day we are all human, with that same gaping hole we so urgently seek to fill. The need for connections, for relationships, for love permeates us all. Sedahlia is about our common humanity. How close can you live to someone without being touched?

With all the rhetoric and vitriol spewing from the Presidential campaign, amidst threats of terrorism, and shouts of black lives matter and all lives matter, it pays to look back at our history and consider whether or not we truly want a repeat of the attitudes and injustices of the past. The present might not always be comfortable as we struggle with fairness, equality and justice for all, but history tells us we must strike the right balance. Sedahlia was born out of my desire to understand that dark past that shaped this country’s present and should forever enlighten the future.

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