I was immersed in this book from the beginning. The prologue hooked me and pulled me to its painful but satisfying end. This novel made me do all the things great books do. Think. Feel. Wonder. Laugh. Cry. Reflect. I was invested in the characters. I cried at every loss and celebrated at every triumph. Where the Lost Wander is a work of fiction made real by the depth and rawness and emotion of the writing. Amy Harmon painted a picture as vivid as any depicted by the artist portrayed in the novel. I didn’t want to put this book down and when it wasRead More →

There are some challenges in this writer’s life, but writing isn’t one of them. Writing is exhilarating! Creating characters, worlds, stories fuels my inner fire. Even this little snip of a blog stirs my creative being. Marketing however forces me to go beyond my inherent need for quiet and solitude. One thing I have learned from observation however is that persistence pays. I watched one author use social media over and over again to proclaim how great her books were. I finally took the bait and I wasn’t disappointed. Her persistence paid. Her series is really entertaining and she spoke her success into existence overRead More →

I haven’t been active on this blog in over a year. A lot has transpired. I am trying to find my rhythm in the midst of change but I will write again. I was looking at my last post and in the middle of it is this random line that I am pretty sure I didn’t write. It was basically an odd, misplaced statement with a link to a product I don’t even endorse. I should monitor my web presence more often. Anyone reading that would question my motives. I am just about writing and reading. If I plug anything it will be about booksRead More →

  As February wanes to a close and with it Black History month, I have closed the book on Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom. I had wanted to read the sequel since reading Mrs. Grissom’s novel, The Kitchen House. The book sat on my Kindle for some time and for some reason, I had not been able to dive into it. Fortunately I found a hardbound copy to add to my book collection. Once I opened the book, I read it to its satisfying end and hope Mrs. Grissom will continue to shed light on the era through the stories of Pan, Kitty andRead More →

As an author of historical fiction, I try to infuse realism and possibility into my characters, settings and plots. I dare not leave it all to the imagination. I am driven to discover and write about life in this country before I was cognizant enough to know or care about more than the clothes on my back and the food in my belly. Enumerable true and untold stories pepper our past. How did my ancestors survive and thrive through slavery, the Civil War and its aftermath, the backlash of Jim Crow, segregation and institutionalized discrimination? To satisfy my curiosity, I browse bookstores, libraries, and onlineRead More →

Over the years I have collected a number of reference books. As my reference shelves expanded, so did my craft. I studied, I wrote, I attended conferences, I met with other writers and exchanged feedback. As time passed, I grew more confident in my pursuits. My writer’s network has grown from local to international and is almost exclusively online, but I still love a good reference. Beyond the typical thesaurus, dictionary and style books are books detailing a period in time, psychology books, historical perspectives on real people and events, atlases, compilations of newsprint and a vintage Sear’s Catalogue. There is no definitive reference. What’sRead More →

The year is 2118. The First Journey from Earth into interstellar space has been successful, but the explosive secret carried aboard Voyager 1 will have grave consequences. As Captain Anara and her crew returns to Earth aboard their faster than light spaceship Antariskh, civil war breaks out on the world they have just left behind. A cryptic message warns her of the dispatch of mercenaries to Earth. Their mission – unknown but deadly. She may have just days to prevent unimaginable carnage on Earth and stop the outbreak of interstellar war. Her crew and the National Investigation Agency or NIA, engage in the greatest undercoverRead More →

Years and years ago, actually decades ago, I was a stay-at-home mom for a bit, with my then youngest child who would not fall asleep at nap time. Over time, I realized that while he wouldn’t sleep, he would sit in his crib for a bit each afternoon, listening to Yanni at the Acropolis, looking at story books, and I could sit and write. And write I did. I wrote and wrote and wrote over many months. By then, my youngest was talking, and he somehow understood that Mommy was writing a book, and he kept nagging me to keep going. And I did. FastRead More →

If you enjoy clean romances chock full of cowboys, feisty females and kids, you’ll love Back in the Saddle. The story is strong, the characters complex and likable, the conflicts believable and the ending satisfyingly sweet. Author Ruth Logan Herne satisfied my palate with this delectable story and bonus recipe. What a sweet ending! The airy cherry cake recipe was a sweet bonus. I love to bake, but seldom do. This recipe got me back in the kitchen. The story was over but I couldn’t wait to cut into this delectable treat. What a great way to end a story and my day.Read More →

Does war Change I think not   Combatants Change Uniforms Weapons Tactics Change But war Remains The same Middle age Iron age Machine age Information age Technology age The faces And races And places Change New names Different times But war Remains The same   Noisy Nasty Bloody War Then Why do we send Them And Why  do they Go Such a waste Of Life And Limb And Youth And Dreams Insanity This Bloody WarRead More →